Since Monday cancer patients will be treated in the very new radiotherapeutic’s clinic, which is part of SBALO-Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology, Sofia with the one and only unit with the possibility of helical therapy in Bulgaria - TomoTherapy System that c provides “treatment volumes up to 135 cm in length ”.

The high-tech machine is the 557th in the world, manufactured by the American company Accuray, delivered and installed by its exclusive distributor for Bulgaria - BUL MED INVESTMENT AD.

“This is specialized equipment, that operates on the principle of computer tomography, i.e. it irradiates sectional there, where it is needed. We will use it for irradiation of the whole body with the purpose of bone-marrow transplantation, because it is the most suitable treatment”: said Nelly Gesheva , director of the clinical laboratory for dosimetry and radiation protection. She explained that 150 patients per year need this therapy, but till now all of them have been treated in hospitals abroad. The modern new clinic will be available for 30 of these 150 patients per year.

“Thanks to the TomoTherapy System, which is equipped with all possible extras and working with the latest software, patients could start their radiotherapy within 30-50 days, just like it is in the countries that already have this equipment” said prof.Veselina Pyrvanova, director of the clinic for radiotherapy. So far the patients have been waiting around 3 months for radiotherapy and the doctors have been working in shifts in order to manage to treat the patients. “This machine provides a great advantage for patients with tumors in the head, where after a biopsy is concluded that a surgery is impossible and is initiated small doses of sparing chemotherapy. It gives the best dose distribution and treatment option for these patients, " she added. The device is extremely useful for tumors of the pleura because it spares the lung parenchyma of radiation, and sarcoma of the kidney as it spares the kidneys.

The Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Adam Persenski opened the new clinic for radiotherapy in SBALO. The project is worth 31,928,171 Lv. under Contract №BG161PO001-1.1-08-0001-1-D-066; №РД-11-319/20.07.2015г.- "Purchase of equipment for helical therapy for the needs of the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology (SBALO)",where the national co-financing is about 5 million lv. “With this being the largest radiotherapeutic clinic in our country ,the patients won’t seek any longer treatment abroad and it will attract patients from neighboring countries as well. We already have requests for treatment by the Libyan Embassy” said Dr. Valentin Angelov director of SBALO, Sofia. Dr. Daniela Daritkova, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Member of Parliament Lachezar Ivanov, hospital directors, professors and associate professors and doctors, attended the official ceremony.