The TomoTherapy System is a fully-integrated, 3D image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) system. It combines unique beamlet-based delivery, fast and interactive VoLO treatment planning and daily CT image guidance. Each patient receives an accurate and high quality individualized treatment specifically tailored to their needs. With TomoTherapy technology, a broader range of cases can be treated, expanding options for more patients.

A superior patient treatment begins with an excellent treatment plan.

Daily 3D Image guidance

• Daily 3D CT visualization of soft tissues to ensure accurate tumor targeting and avoidance of normal structures
• Automatic daily repositioning of patient to assure target is in correct treatment position
• Efficient image guidance with intuitive user interface

Complete integration

• Fully-integrated treatment planning, image guidance, and beam delivery vie single database
• Complete confidence and security with data stored in one location
• Patient safety is improved as no data transfer in necessary
• Fast and easy connection to Mosaiq and Aria

True modulation

• Sculpted doses conform to complex tumors and avoid healthy tissue
• Thousands of tiny beamlets combine to deliver a precise treatment
• Less dose to healthy tissues means reduced side effects

Unique beam delivery

• Thousands of beamlets sculpt dose around the tumor
• Two modes in treatment options – HELICAL & DIRECT
• Optimized does delivery for each patient's individual needs

Tomotherapy – Clinical differentiation Complex targets

• Up to 135 cm treatment length with no field matching
• Uniform dose delivered throughout the tumor
• Multiple targets treated in a single setup

Adaptive therapy

• Effects of anatomical changes on dose can be seen on a daily basis
• Physicians can re-plan treatment based on changed anatomy, if necessary
• Treatment stays true to the original, prescribed treatment plan


Accuray's VoLO™ technology is a new plan optimization system for the TomoTherapy® platform. With VoLO Planning, dose calculation and optimization are performedat unbelievable speed. In just a few minutes, plans can be optimized, finalized and saved, ready for quality assurance and deliver.

Some key features of VoLO™ are:
• GPU hardware implementation using hundreds of parallel processors
• Efficient 3D representation of the beam and patient geometry
• Innovative dose calculation algorithms that combine speed with accuracy

TomoEDGE Dynamic Jaws can reduce treatment delivery times by up to 50% for increased department efficiency and patient comfort. TomoEDGE Dynamic Jaws provide sharper dose sculpting than with the MLC modulator/compensator alone, allowing additional normal tissue sparing. TomoEDGE can be used in conjunction with both TomoHelical™ and TomoDirect™ delivery modes and is standard on the TomoHDA™ system.

• Excellent normal tissue sparing
• Unmatched dose sculpting
• Enhanced quality
• Faster treatment delivery times
• Outstanding efficiency